Hi everyone!

I am a 40-something gal with a passion for playing in the kitchen. I recently graduated with a Professional Plant-Based Chef certification from Rouxbe Cooking School (which I highly recommend) and a Raw Food Chef certification from Living Light Institute (a very different but equally wonderful experience).  I hope to build on my skills here and share some of it with you.

When I am not cooking/preparing food, I am traveling either for fun or work. I own a 360° virtual tour company called Circlescapes that keeps me busy working with private schools, health care facilities and other types of clients. I also travel back and forth from Portland, Oregon to Atlantic Beach, Florida where I divide time. I love to house swap, Airbnb or rent out other people’s homes for extended stays whenever I can.

I have also been teaching Bikram yoga since 2001 and I love the practice. When I am traveling, I basically look for a Bikram school and  a Whole Foods, Co-op or natural market. That and wi-fi is pretty much all I need.

My tribe includes a very sweet Jack Russell Terrier, a USUALLY sweet boyfriend, Craig, (just kidding, he is always sweet), four wonderful parents – two on the west coast and two on the east coast- a great brother and sis-in-law, a super talented niece and two amazing nephews, and friends and extended family all over this beautiful abundant planet.


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